In cities like London, shared accommodation is practically the norm among young professionals. People enter into shared accommodation on a daily basis. So here we are, making shared accommodation easy for landlords, tenants and agents.


+ Who will manage my property?

Like in every tenancy, the landlord chooses whether they want to self manage the property or they want to appoint a management company, or let us do it ourselves. The landlord anyhow is still responsible financially for the usual things a landlord is responsible for. However we will do most of the legwork, we have a full management department that will take care of any repairs and maintenance issues with previous Landlord authorisation.

+ What type of contract will I sign?

We provide whats called a common law agreement best known as “company agreement” this effectively makes London Rooms your tenant for the period of your contract (typically 3-5 years) and gives us the authority to manage the property in your behalf.

+ Who pays my rent?

London Rooms will be responsible for guaranteeing the rent every month. Despite the property being occupied or not the money goes directly from our bank account to yours.

+ How do you find and reference your tenants?

This comes from long term relationships developed with the HR departments of big well known companies, relocation agents and oversees connections who directly approach us to find accommodation for their staff. Every tenant must provide the following documentation:

1. Employment Reference
2. Bank Statement History Check
3. Passport or identification and VISA (according to government regulation rules)
4. Credit history check
5. Previous Landlord reference.

+ Id like to make sure everything is always in order, can I inspect the property?

We conduct inspections every two weeks to check the condition of the property, however as we tell all of our landlords, we are happy for you to hold a set of keys and come around and inspect the property yourself to make sure you are happy with the way we are managing things.