Who we are


With over 15 years of experience in the central London property and lettings market, we pride ourselves in designing a model that benefits Landlords, Agents and Tenants. The Model is very simple and straight forward: We take on properties for pre agreed fixed term periods on a 3-5 year agreement, and then we rent out the rooms to working professionals. We do all the hard work so the Landlord doesn’t have to.

We are not an estate agency, we are essentially property managers, meaning we are not driven by commissions or monthly targets. We take on a wide range of properties from landlords and then rent out the rooms to working professionals.

For tenants its a more organised way of living in a shared property. To say the least, our properties are taken care of very personally and we try to tastefully decorate each property with brand new furniture, comfortable beds and provide nice living arrangements with like minded people they can connect with and not have the hustle of paying bills or sell their furniture at the end of their stay.


Natalia Kopolova

Carmelo Amato
Accommodation specialist

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Silvia Villarroel
Accomodation Manager